Our Facilities

School facilities include classrooms, libraries, laboratories, computer labs, sports facilities, auditoriums, cafeterias, administrative offices, outdoor areas, and specialized facilities like art studios and music rooms. These spaces provide students with the necessary resources and environment for effective learning and development. Regular maintenance and upgrades are crucial to meet students’ evolving needs. Depending on the school’s focus or curriculum, there may be additional specialized facilities such as art studios, music rooms, dance studios, theaters, language labs, and vocational training workshops. It’s important for schools to regularly maintain and upgrade their facilities to ensure they meet the evolving needs of students and support their educational goals. 

Added Facilities

School bus Service

School bus services are provided by schools or school districts to transport students to and from school safely. They have predefined routes, designated stops, and fixed schedules. Eligibility is often based on distance from the school. Bus services prioritize safety, with trained drivers and supervision on board. Effective communication keeps parents informed about routes and any changes. For accurate information, contact the school or district.

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School Bus Service

School Uniform

All parents have to order the uniform through www.storem.co.in.

  • Those who wish to order the stitched uniform must order the items latest by 31-Mar-2023.  StoreM will be open from 01-Mar-2023 to 31-Mar-2023.  Stitched uniform can be ordered only by fresh admissions after 31-Mar-2023.
  • StoreM will be again opened either in the last week of April 2023 or the first week of May 2023 for the items other than stitched uniforms.

Please click on the help file of www.storem.co.in. Help file was prepared very early and there were some modifications later. Therefore, you may find minor variations from the help file when you actually order in www.storem.co.in.

Help File