Sacred Heart CMI Public School is the realization of a dream long cherished by parents, both local and NRI. The discerning spirit and the quest for excellence of the CMI(Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) fathers identified the aspiration and decided to establish the school.

The CMI vision of education is “The holistic integral formation of the individuals into persons fully human, fully alive”.

Based on this vision, this institution is open to all students irrespective of caste or creed. All students and teachers are equally accepted and encouraged to grow in their own cultural, social and religious tradition.

We aim at creating a society which respects individual dignity, challenges unjust social structures, nurtures religious harmony and reaches out to the needy without discrimination of any kind. The traits that we would like a student to imbibe through his education in a CMI institution are: physical and mental well being, intellectual competence, spiritual maturity, moral uprightness, in short, a psychologically integrated personality, who is socially acceptable.

Sacred Heart CMI Public School is one more feather added to the educational complex of the Sacred Heart Management at Thevara, Kochi. This management boasts of a nationally accredited college, State Board schools consisting of U.P. Section, High School and Higher Secondary School, School of printing, School of Communication, Kindergarten and Sacred Heart Monastery.

Situated at the side of the  Konthuruthy  river, Sacred Heart CMI Public School stands out in its scenic beauty and serene, secluded ambience conducive to academic excellence. It is a lake shore beacon of light and inspiration.

The School, established in 2003, with a CBSE  affiliation in 2006 and  a CBSE upgradation  in 2008, has grown in leaps and bounds. The Decennial was marked with a grand celebration in February 2012.   

The Sacred Heart vision and mission is to give a unique experience intended to bring up caring, committed and confident youngsters who are fine-tuned to the  human and spiritual values, and who will take their place as productive, responsible members of society in future.