Tarang, the annual intra-school competition, was once again organized this year with great splendour, aiming to unearth the hidden talents among students and provide them with encouragement. The event was executed on a grand scale, encompassing a diverse range of activities, including both individual and group events. It featured an array of literary and artistic competitions tailored for students across different categories.

The festivities extended until the 17th of August, culminating in a grand finale on the 18th of August, where the school auditorium came alive with exuberance and excitement. The opening of the event was graced by the presence of the school Principal Rev Fr. Dr. Varghese Kachappilly, and Vice Principal Ms. Vinitha Mendez.

Diverse cultural activities unfolded for students hailing from four different houses-Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. The intense competition sparked a profound aesthetic and charismatic spirit among the participants. The judges faced a formidable challenge in determining the winners due to the exceptional performances displayed by each house.

The cultural festivities served as a visual feast for the spectators, leaving them captivated. As the event came to an end, the declaration of house points signalled the conclusion of the competitive segment. Emerging victorious, the Yellow House secured the top position in the Tarang fest. To wrap up the program, a DJ session was also organized. This DJ finale provided an ideal conclusion to the event, highlighting that Tarang is more than just a respite from academic routines.

Both students and teachers wholeheartedly embraced their roles in the festival, and the entire Sacred Heart CMI community eagerly anticipates the arrival of the next Cultural Fest, which promises to be as enriching as ever.