Rules and Regulations



Sacred Heart CMI Public School, run by Sacred Heart CMI Educational & Charitable Trust, established and administered by Christian Minority Community, is declared 'Minority Institution' by National Minority Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, New Delhi and is entitled to the benefits under article 30(1) of the Constitution of India.


The regular school year begins in June and ends in March. Regular day class begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Parents are requested to take your ward from the school within half an hour after the regular classes and on the days of term/annual evaluations as instructed.

If the student has to stay back for extra classes, practices, etc, then the student must be taken from the school within 15 mins from the end of such sessions.

School Office functions from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon & 12.40 p.m - 3.30 p.m. on week days (Monday to Friday) and from 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m on holidays.


The Syllabus

The syllabus is the course of study prescribed by the CBSE. The medium of instruction is English. Malayalam and Hindi are also taught.



Admission is restricted by certain policies of the Management and by the conditions of age, ability and conduct.   Availability, submission and consequent acceptance of the application form do not guarantee any admission.



No school leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for in writing, by the parent or   guardian   in the   form available in the school office and   until   all   the dues have been cleared. As a rule, parents are requested to submit the T C application at least one week in advance. If the TC is to be countersigned by the CBSE, a fee of Rs 150/- is to be paid at the school office. Normally, it takes one month time to get the TC countersigned.

In case of mid-term withdrawals from school, parents are li­able to pay the full fee for that particular month.


  • No student should absent himself/herself from class without valid reason.
  • Reasons for the absence must be clearly stated in the ‘Leave Record’ of the handbook.
  • Normally half-day leave will not be granted to students. Even in case of emergency, no student will be sent home unless a duly authorised person comes to take the child with a note of authority from parents.
  • In case of serious illness, the Principal must be informed within five days with a doctor’s certificate accompanied by the leave application from the parent/guardian.
  • Those who return to school after absenting themselves without prior permission, shall not enter the class without the leave note countersigned by the Principal.
  • A minimum of 75% of attendance is compulsory for the promotion to the next class.
  • All those students who are coming late to the school have to report to the school office by submitting the ID Card to mark the late coming.
  • The parent/guardian has to report to the school office and sign the 'Early Leaving Register' in case he/she wants to take the ward in between the school hours. However, no student will be allowed to leave the school within the last 30 mins of the normal working hours.
  • Short-time leave in between the school hours is not permitted. A student can enter and leave the school only once a day.


The school conducts continuous assessments so that the teachers as well as parents can have an idea as to how much the child is able to comprehend. The system of academic assessment com­prises of evaluations, class tests and projects. There will be two Summative Assessments (SA1 & SA2) for the whole academic year and a minimum of four class tests between each evalua­tion for each subjects. These tests cannot be deferred or anticipated. A project work which is not submitted in time can attract negative marks. A progress report showing the progress and performance of the child in the school activities and evaluations will be issued to the parents after each term. However, for the students of class I and II, there will be only class tests and projects.


  • Students should bring the hand book to school every day.
  • Every student is expected to be present for the daily assembly.
  • It is compulsory for every student to come to school in full uniform.
  • Students must be punctual to school. Those who are late or have been absent on the previous day must fill in the record of late coming / record of leave in the diary. After four late coming remarks, the parent will be called for an explanation.
  • Students must speak only in English in the school campus.
  • Every student must behave respectfully towards the members of the staff and greet them when they see them, the first time during the day. Students are expected to be courteous, polite and deferential both inside and outside the school.
  • Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. As a precautionary measure it is suggested that they have their names inscribed on articles like tiffin carriers, umbrellas, school bags etc. Unclaimed articles will be given away to charity.
  • Students are not to wear gold ornaments or bring other valuable articles to school. Students upto Std V   are not allowed to wear watches.
  • Students should wear the identification cards provided by the school.
  • The boys should come to school with their hair neatly trimmed. Long hair, pony tail, spiked and styled hair, colouring of hair and shaving of head other than for religious purposes are strictly forbidden.
  • For the girls, shoulder length hair or longer to be neatly tied up in plaits or ponytails. Only black or white hair bands and hair clips will be permitted. Wearing of mehendi, colouring of hair and nails, using   of liquid eyeliner on the eyelids is strictly prohibited.
  • Every student shall have with him/her the text books and note books according to their day’s time table. They should pack their bags on a daily basis so as to bring in only what they need to.
  • No newspaper, periodicals, comics, CDS, pen drives, mobiles, I-pod, and camera shall be brought to the school. If found, these will be confiscated.
  • Graffiti, littering and damage to school property is an offence. If found guilty the student will be penalized by the school.
  • Contempt of authority, irregular attendance, habitual lack of moral application, disobedience or discourtesy to teachers, physical brawls, any kind of malpractice or objectionable behaviour not in keeping with the good standards of the school are always sufficient reasons for warning and subsequent action even to the limit of dismissal as the case warrants.
  • Students suffering from contagious / infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend school.
  • No student may leave the school premises during school hours without authorization from the Principal.
  • Fans and lights should be switched off when the students go out of the class.
  • Before the commencement of the Assembly, playing on the ground, classrooms and verandahs are a strict no-no.
  • Staffrooms and the office room are places out of bounds for the students.
  • Regular late coming, frequent absence, negligence in wearing uniforms, carelessness in duties will be viewed seriously.
  • The school takes great pains to provide a green environment. The students should appreciate, nurture and protect the environment provided.
  • Do not disturb the birds, insects and other animals but try and befriend them.


In the interest of the institution and for the sake of discipline, the Management is entitled to refuse admission to an applicant / to suspend / dismiss or take any other action on any student for misconduct. All attempts will be taken to avoid dismissal of a student. How­ever, the power of dismissal may be exercised against any serious violation of discipline and moral conduct. Decision of the Principal will be final in the issues related to discipline.

Misconduct shall include :

  • Staying away from classes without a letter from the parents / Guardian.
  • Disrespectful behaviour towards the staff.
  • Loitering on the verandas during class hours and creating    disturbance to the classes in progress.
  • Disorderly behaviour in class.
  • Bringing outsiders into the school campus.
  • Graffiti of all kinds
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of narcotic drugs. (Criminal proceedings will be initiated against those found under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs in the school campus).
  • Vandalism and destruction of school property, flora and fauna will be severely dealt with and material loss will be fully recovered with fine.

Library Rules

  • All members of the staff and students are members of the school library.
  • Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  • Personal belongings like books, umbrella, bags etc. are not allowed into the library.
  • Books or any other records of the Reference Section will not be lent out.
  • The borrower of a book has to point out to the librarian, at the time of borrowing, any defect the book may already have. Otherwise it will be deemed that the book is intact when issued. The borrower will be responsible for any damage caused to a book while in his custody.
  • If a book or periodical is damaged or lost by a member, he/she will have to pay the cost along with the fine.
  • If a member happens to recover a lost volume after having replaced it or paid the value thereof, he/she shall not be allowed to return it to the library and get back the new copy.
  • All library books should be returned and dues cleared before each Summative Assessment.


  • Parents / guardians are requested to check their ward’s school diaries daily. Remarks made in the diary should be acknowledged.
  • Parents are always welcome to the school to discuss the progress of their wards on the second and fourth Fridays between 3.15 pm to 4.15 pm and on Open houses at the end of each term.
  • Parents will not be permitted to meet or call the teachers during school hours and please avoid disturbing teachers off school hours unless it is an emergency.
  • Parents should ensure that their wards rejoin the school on scheduled reopening dates after long holidays and on the last working day of every term.
  • Any accident inside the campus is dealt with immediate   care and attention and simultaneously informed to   the parents. The School Management, Principal, Head mistress and the staff will not be held responsible in any way for any accident or mishap that may occur to the student in the Kindergarten / School premises even during the class hours or while bringing the students to the school or carrying them back home, by bus or any other vehicle.
  • Parents are requested to visit the school for all their transactions only during office hours on week days.
  • Exemption for students from attending the assembly, physical training and games will be granted only on medical grounds and a written request in the diary by the parents.
  • Parents must encourage their children to take part in the co-curricular and extra- curricular activities of the school.
  • Critical remarks about a teacher should be avoided in the presence of the children. Parents should discuss such matters with the principal in the absence of the child.
  • Parents are requested to come personally and collect the Report cards during   the Open House at the end of each term.
  • In all communications with the school, the name, standard and division of their wards should be clearly mentioned.
  • Parents are asked to equip their wards with the correct uniform requirements and stationeries / accessories required for the classroom activities.
  • Parents are requested to intimate the class teachers of any change of address, telephone numbers, mobile numbers   in writing, in the Handbook to enable us to contact the parents quickly in case of necessity / emergency.
  • Kindly avoid taking you ward after the Formative Assessments unless it is a dire necessity.


Uniform for the school is the identity of the school. Uniformity in pattern, design and colour in the school uniforms is compulsory. Any change in design and colour will have to be rectified when the school informs. Details of the school uniform are given below:


Class XI, XII     :     Light Grey Colour shirt, Light Grey colour matty suiting, black leather laced shoes, white socks with grey strips

Class I to X :    Half sleeve pinstrips shirt with grey strip attached to the inner side of the collar, with one pocket, grey shorts / grey pants with side   angled pockets, Socks and school belt available at the school, black leather laced shoes. No low waist   or skinfit pants are allowed.   Boys can wear pants only from Std VII upwards.


Class XI, XII    :     Light grey colour Blouse with light grey colour matty pants, black leather buckled shoes,   white socks with grey stripes.

Class I to X  :    Half sleeve pin strips shirt, grey   pinafore with box   pleats. Socks and School belt available at the school.   Black buckled leather shoes. The length of the pinafores and skirts should stay just below the knees. All girls are requested to wear black tights with regular uniform, white tights with their P.T. uniform. Girls are permitted to use only white / black hairbands, clips, rubberbands etc on their hair.

on Wednesday


Classes I to VI     :    White shorts, house T-shirts, White canvas shoes and white socks

Classes VII to X   :    White pants, house T-shirts, White canvas shoes & white socks.


Class I to X        :    White skirts, house T-shirts, White canvas shoes and white socks.


During rainy season they are allowed to wear black strapped sandals.

Management reserves the right to change the uniform. However, if there is any change in the uniform, then it will be informed through website or circular.


If the school fees is not paid on or before the due date, the following will be the fine.

I Installment - last date without fine - June 15

II Installment - last date without fine - October 15

III Installment - last date without fine - January15

It is the duty of every parent to pay the school fees on time.

A fine of Rs. 10/- per day till 30th June / October / January.

A fine of Rs. 50/- per day till the date of payment.

Bus fees to be paid in two installments

Ist installment - 5th July

IInd installment - 5th November

A fine of Rs. 50/- for every 10 days of delay.

  • The School fees has to be paid directly at any of the Federal Bank Branches using Bank cheque or in cash.
  • The challan forms provided at the end of the diary should be kept aside in the beginning itself and used while remitting the fees in the bank.
  • Promotion to the next class will be withheld if the dues are not cleared.
  • There will not be further intimation/communication/reminder regarding the date of payment.


Guided tours and picnics have great educational value and are enjoyed by children. Hence one day trips / trips for more than one day are arranged to various places of interest. Such arranged picnics are compulsory for all students. The school authorities, management and the staff will not be held responsible for any accident or mishaps during picnics. However, all efforts will be taken for the security of the students in all aspect. Tours and Picnics are compulsory for all students.


Since the school calendar is prepared at the beginning of the year, minor changes in dates and timings may sometimes have to be ef­fected. This will be communicated through the handbook.

The management reserves the right to introduce new rules and regulations or to amend or change the existing ones in case of exigencies and in furtherance of the aims, objectives and ideals of the school.

CMI VISION OF EDUCATION is to form leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth.
"To enlighten and enrich the little minds to be a proper human being to serve the society and the world at large."
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