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School Mobile Application and its Features

Android Application: An Android Application named TalentErp, which is an extension of the school administration software for the parents, has been in use for the last one year with minimum facilities. Now the new version with more facilities is released. Features of the new version are Marks of the Evaluations, Messages, Calendar, Upcoming Exam, Fee Details, Office Request, Teachers List, Library Search, Daily Activity, Circular, Announcements, News Letter, My Info.

If you are already using Talent ERP, then please do not uninstall the present version, you need to upgrade the old version to the new version to retain your password.

You need the following information to use the Application.
School Code: shps
Username: shps + admission number + f/m
Password: password
Regarding Username: If your ward’s admission number is 1234, then the username for father of the student is shps1234f and the username for the mother is shps1234m.

Please change your password once you install the application using the common password.
While registering, if you are getting a message ‘Registration Failed’, then please send an SMS in the format PASS space Admission_Number space f/m to 8547314287 from the mobile number in which you receive SMS from the school. If the admission number of your ward is 1234, then you should send the SMS: PASS 1234 f for father and PASS 1234 m for mother to 8547314287. Then you will receive a password from the school. You may register using the new password received in SMS.

IOS version of the Mobile Application is not yet functional. Once the IOS version is also ready, then SMSs may be stopped. There are complaints of not receiving the SMS. Communications are better delivered through the Mobile Application than SMSs. There is no guarantee that you will receive all SMSs. Chances are high that SMS may be dropped before it reaches the destination. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to install the android mobile application on your mobile.

Features of the Android Mobile Application

Evaluation: Marks of all evaluations will be displayed here. By default, marks of the evaluations of the last one month is displayed. You have the option to view the marks of the last 3 months and 6 months.

Messages: All messages send to the selected student are displayed here. By default, here too, messages of the last one month is displayed and you have the option to view the messages of the last 3 months and 6 months.

Calendar: School Calendar is displayed. In the next version, division calendar will be displayed.

Upcoming Exam: All the announced exams and their dates will be here. In most of the cases, there will be portions of the exams too.

Fee Details: There are two options in Fee Details; Fee and Advance Fee. In Fee, all the fees uploaded to the bank will be displayed. And once the fee paid information is updated in the school software, you will see the date of payment too. There could be some delay between the date of payment and updating it into the school software. In Advance Fee, all kinds of deduction with a description and the balance amount are displayed.

Office Requests: There are 4 office requests now.

  • ABS (Absent): This is to intimate the school that the student is absent on the given date. You have the option to inform leave for multiple days. You are free to write the reason for leave too. There should not be any unauthorized absentees.
  • COPY (Answer sheet Copy): This is meant only for those classes that have no automatic promotion. As of now, it is applicable to Std IX – XII. Shortly, it may be made applicable to Std V and/to VIII too.
  • LUNCH (Lunch): This is to provide lunch for the student from the school. This message must be sent before 10 am on the day on which you require lunch to be provided. School will provide lunch from the college canteen and amount will be deducted from the Advance Fee.
  • MED (Medicine): This is mainly meant for the lower classes and is meant to inform the school that medicine is to be given to the student during the school time. It means that you have sent the medicine with the student and detailed description how to administer the medicine is given in the handbook.

Teachers List: List of all teachers who teaches the student is given here.

Library History: History of library books issued to the students. It is applicable only to those classes to whom the library books are issued.

Library Search: Using this feature, you can search for a book in the school library.

Daily Activity: In Daily Activity, you get a picture of what is taught in the class on the selected day. Normally, teachers are updating the details everyday itself. There is a chance for one or two days delay too.

Circular: All the circulars issued will be displayed. Circulars of last one year are expected to be displayed here. There is a chance for a missing circular number. If so, please understand that the missing circular is not meant for your ward.

Announcements: This is meant for general announcements like Admission Open, Open Competitions etc.

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